What is a Domain Name?

A Domain Name is the website address or website name that a user types into a browser such as Internet Explorer to view a website. As an example the Domain Name of the website you are currently viewing is ‘webit.com.au’. When an entity or business intends to buy a website, step one is to purchase Domain Names as each domain name can only be purchased once.

Why purchase a Domain Name?

Registering a Domain Name is the first step to putting your business online. The best Domain Names are like sought-after real estate in that they tend to carry significant value. This is due to a Domain Names online brand-building potential, its use in advertising and its value in SEO.

Domain Name Registration

It is commonly queried how to get a domain. Domain registration is a simple process that starts with a domain check. Register domain names by clicking the Domain Name Registration link on the left hand menu. Do not wait while others get the Domain Name of your choice, register your domain name now!

Why use WebIT for Domain Name Registration?

WebIT provides superior support and service. The reason that support and service is so important is that Domain Names are such a valuable asset. You cannot afford to have your domain expire without notice.

The WebIT Domain Registration system is simple and can be done in minutes. Your Domain Name Registration is complete as soon as your registration form and payment is complete. A confirmation email is sent instantly with the details of your Domain registration and the automated reminder systems make it hard to forget to renew such a valuable asset.

Domain Name Hints & Tips

  • You can purchase as many Domain Names as you wish.
  • A Domain Name can only contain letters [a-z], digits [0-9] and a hyphen [-]. However a Domain name can not have a hyphen as a starting or ending character.
  • A Domain Name can not contain a space.
  • The Domain Name should be between 3 and 63 characters. The shorter the Domain Name the better.
  • www is actually not part of a Domain Name.
  • A Domain Name is not case sensitive. So WebIT.com.au is the same as webit.com.au.
  • A Domain Name ending in .au is Australian, while .nz is a New Zealand Domain Name and .uk is a Domain Name based in the United Kingdom.
  • For Domain Name Registration of a Domain Name with a .asia extension an Asia/Pacific resident is required with a physical address in the region a requirement.