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Australian websites commonly use the .au Domain Name extension as Australian Domain Names have the extension of .au. With the internet originating in the US some companies do choose to use a .com extension, or many purchase both. An Australian Domain lets potential customers know that you are based in Australia and do business within Australia, they also allow search engines to find your website easier. For example, if a user performs a search on Google, it can work out where you are. When it knows that you live in Australia, it will often make the assumption that you will be more interested in Australian websites, and so it may place Australian websites higher up the search results than international ones. Australian Domain Names can be purchased with WebIT providing Australian Domain Name Registration.

The most popular .au Domain Names is a which is for a business name. An example of an Australia Domain Name is ‘’.

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Australian Domain Name Options

The Australian Domain Name options are listed below:


Australian Domain Name Regulations

If you want to register an Australian Domain Name, the below rules will apply. During the Domain Name Registration process, you will be required to meet the following requirements. Domain Names / Domain Names

To own a or you must be an Australian registered company, or business with a registered business number (ABN, BRN, BN).

The Domain Name you register should either be an exact match, acronym or abbreviation of the supplied business registration. Domain Names / Domain Names

To register these Domains your organisation must be a non-commercial organisation. The Domain Name you register should have a solid relationship to the organisation to which it represents. Domain Names

Can be registered by individuals, who reside in Australia. You may register any personal name by which you are known.