Use a Web Designer for Web Design

A graphic designer should not be used as a web designer. A graphic designer is an expert in print design, they know their PMS colours and usually work to a fixed brochure layout. Graphic designers will often use a program such as InDesign which is not used in the web design industry and does not give all the tools of a web design product.

Web Design Requirements

A web designer must work to screen resolutions that are varied for each user, not a fixed paper size. There are a limited number of fonts to work with and if you want to use extra fonts they are generally created as graphics and increase the load time of your website and thus slow it down. The webpage design impacts the speed of your website and thus the user experience, and whether people will come back. In web design colours do not cost extra and do not use PMS colours. Web design has a direct impact on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and if you do not optimise your SEO you will not get potential users finding your website through search engines like Google. If users are not finding your website it does not matter how pretty your website is.

Why use WebIT for Web Design

WebIT are experts in Web Design and all too often we have been supplied designs that simply do not work for the web.

WebIT is often asked to review websites created by print designers and although they look good and are very appealing to some users, we often find they cannot be viewed properly in common screen resolutions, or with different browsers. Or, they load a lot slower than they should, or even worse cannot be found by search engines and thus the client has trouble getting viewers to their website.

As web designers WebIT understands the programming behind the website and designs accordingly. WebIT overcome the obstacles and still provides a great looking website design.