Python History

Python was created in 1990 by Guido von Rossum and continues to be developed by a large team of volunteers. It is available for free from the Python Software Foundation.

Python is Open Source

Python works under an open source license that makes it freely usable and distributable. Thus Python has a developer and user community with a repository of software for the Python programming language, seen at:

Python Advantages

Python design philosophy emphasizes code readability. Python is easy to read and to follow.

Python combines a remarkable powerful server-side scripting language for the web with very clear, readable syntax.

Python provides intuitive object orientation and full modularity, supporting hierarchical packages.

Python provides excellent exception-based error handling.

Python is available for all major operating systems such as Windows and Linux/Unix.

Python provides excellent frameworks such as Django which lets you build high performing, elegant web applications quickly.

Python and WebIT

WebIT have developed websites using Python for many years, commonly using the Django framework. Projects such as have been developed using Python.