WebIT develop various online marketing solutions. Talk to WebIT about your online marketing options. Online marketing is also referred to as web marketing, digital marketing and e-marketing. It covers a broad range of options including:

Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is a form of advertising that allows your website banner to be displayed on a variety of highly trafficked websites. This banner would generally link back to your own website. WebIT provide banner creation at the standard banner advertising sizes.

Online Blogs

Is a journal type website allowing the owner to advertise their own products and website. An example of a blog done by WebIT is http://blog.realestateview.com.au.

Search Engine Marketing

Includes the use of both Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and paid advertising to make sure your website is at the top of search engine results for your preferred keywords.


A mini website design used to promote a specific portion or brand from a larger corporate site. A microsite is also commonly used for contests.

Email Marketing

WebIT have developed a number of bulk email or email alert system to send solicited email. Many clients use regular email newsletters to keep in touch with their users and provide updated product information.


RSS or Real Simple Syndication allow users to subscribe to a specific content feed such as a blog and through an RSS reader the user will be automatically alerted when new updates are available.


SMS alert systems can be created to keep users informed on a company’s latest product offerings. WebIT have developed SMS systems for clients such as realestateVIEW and realestateontheweb.com.au.

Social Media

Social Media provide online communities for business that allows users to see the latest information on a business or product. Social Media sites include Facebook (www.facebook.com), LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com), and Twitter (www.twitter.com). Talk to WebIT about creating a Social Media presence.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing refers to creating online content that people want to share with others. Something that is funny, catchy or unique. The term viral indicates it is like a virus. It spreads quickly. It is common to use Social Media for Viral Marketing.