What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting is when a client uses a complete server or servers to run their own website. This is often done as a managed hosting solution, so a web hosting companies will control your dedicated servers on your behalf. So your website has its own server(s).

Why use a Dedicated Server Solution?

Generally providers are able to guarantee higher website uptimes and using multiple servers will provide even high levels of redundancy.

Dedicated hosting can allow your developer to have complete access to the resources of the server and install the operating system, software and applications of their choice. Dedicated hosting can also provide greater flexibility in hardware.

Dedicated servers are best for those that do not want their website shared on a server with other websites and require more resources that a VPS can provide.

WebIT and Dedicated Servers

WebIT provides dedicated server advice to our enterprise level customers. This including providing the server configuration needed to work with the requirements of the client. WebIT then write our software to work on this server configuration.

An example is www.realestateview.com.au in which WebIT has written code to work off a multilple server configuration including separate load balanced servers, database servers and images servers.