What is a VPS?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) also referred to as a Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) is a large physical server broken up into a number of smaller “Virtual Servers” each with its own processes, operating system, software and users. Each VPS is allocated a certain amount of physical resources such as CPU, RAM and Hard Drive. A VPS can be individually rebooted as it is functionally equivalent to a separate physical server.

A VPS is the step between shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

Why use a VPS?

A VPS can give the power of a dedicated server at a lower cost as website owners are sharing the costs of having a web server.

With a VPS no other website on that that server will slow down your website or cause any other disturbance such as taking your website down. So a user on the same server taking down their website will not impact on your website.

A VPS can give your web developer more control over what software they want installed and running for your website.

WebIT and VPS

WebIT can provide advice on what VPS requirements are needed for our larger Web Development companies, through performance testing and the forecasted traffic figures supplied.